Brocade Home closed website/phone and I have existing order...

Not resolved

Recent email to Restoration Hardware regarding the impossible situation going on with Brocade Home (think they will help me?) :

[I realize this is Restoration Hardware customer service, but Brocade Home is part of your company, so please, please, please, forward this to some kind of manager, owner, president, etc. Obviously, you are the only chance I have of getting any assistance. I desperately need help with an order I placed with Brocade months ago, but their web site is closed and they are not even answering calls on their customer service number. I can’t even leave a message, as the recording says the mail box is full! I am beyond frustrated! I never received most of my order, even though my card is showing the charge on my account. (over $600.00, which is a substantial amount!) I’m hoping that maybe the merchandise will still show up. But what I need help with right now, is that the one thing they did already send—the silhouette canopy bed—they sent QUEEN canopy rails with a KING bed. I ordered king size, so the bed is correct, but the top is the wrong size. And it’s not like I can even "make do" with a four poster bed, because the tops of the posts expose hardware to attach the canopy, so it looks ridiculous. I am so concerned that I am stuck with only half of a bed since I cannot get a hold of them.

Frankly, I am shocked that Restoration Hardware would let one of their brands treat customers in this manner. They should realize that this is hurting their business, as well….I’ve already read many negative blogs on line from upset Brocade customers who are also disappointed in Restoration Hardware for allowing this to happen. Even if Brocade is going out of business, they should still take care of customers who had existing orders already placed. If I cannot get help from you—their sister company—what am I to do? Go to the media? Better Business Bureau? Federal Trade Commission? PLEASE advise me as to what I should do.]


:( I ordered in July from Brocade Home and just received my dining table last week. It was slightly damaged but I accepted it with the stipulation that they would send out someone to repair it. I'm still waiting.
Hey, good news for all of you waiting to recieve or place an order! Brocade Home will be opening on Oct.13 I was wondering the same questions as you guys, and I just clicked on the blog link on the homepage and emailed them and I got a response the same day! :) :)

Well I ordered a night stand from Restoration Hardware baby and child, one of Restorations new stores and it was damaged. I send it back right away and it has been over a month and still no refund.

They keep telling me it will take 7 to 10 business days.

This is fraud. Restoration Hardware is conducting unethically business practices.


I'm ready to file a class action lawsuit against this company. I can't get my refund back, it's been months and they have such foul business practices.


BROCADE HOME won't refund my MONEY after i returned items that i had CANCELLED after waiting over two months for it. i call every day for my money and still won't refund it!!! We should file a class action lawsuit against these SOBs.


I know what's going on...I ordered and received a white full size silhoutte bed and got two extra side rails...and of course I was charged for them and never compensated.


I also had a problem with Brocade and a silhouette canopy bed. I only received the bottom part of the bed! I wish I could find someone who had the top half so I could have the whole bed.


I also ordered the silhouette canopy bed (twin size) in late June / early July - before they were offering the additional 50% off sale. They shipped half the pieces of the bed which arrived in late July, I called to get a price adjustment since I only have 1/2 the bed when they dropped the price.

They told me they would credit me for the price adjustment (I have this on email) and that the rest of the bed was shipping in 2 weeks. FINALLY got the rest of my bed mid August however they charged me twice for shipping and never credited the price adjustment as promised. And now of course no one is there.

I guess at least I have the merchandise but what a way to run a business - even if there is a bankruptcy looming! Certainly changes won't be shopping at RH after this ordeal.

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